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Ipe wood Canada, based in Toronto (Ontario) and Montreal (Quebec), Is the largest retailer for Ipe wood decking in Canada.

Ipe wood Canada has being supplying ipe wood decking across Canada for more than a decade, whether is for major contractors for largest commercial projects or directly to DIY (do-it-yourself) home owners, Ipe wood Canada is recognized for its quality of ipe wood decking.

Ipe wood Canada strength comes from extensive knowledge of ipe decking lumber, we directly import our ipe decking from Brazil, the company strictly policy to supply and partnership only with dedicated ipe lumber producers, that focuses on ipe lumber quality and follows rigorously all guidelines for a responsible sustainable forest management.  Sustainable forest management regime ensures that our forests remain healthy and that the forest industry continues to provide with a steady stream of benefits. Ipe wood decking harvesting is sustainable in Brazil thanks to strong laws, oversight and management, and the requirement that all harvested lands be regenerated.

Ipe production in Brazil

Ipe wood Canada has developed an intimate relationship with some of the largest Ipe lumber producers and saw mills in Brazil. This partnership allows us to personally inspect the quality of ipe lumber logs before and after their milling and to verify its legality. This direct partnership allows us to have access to greater inventories, various ipe dimensions and profiles and fast deliveries. Illegally logged timber in Brazil was being laundered on a massive and growing scale and then sold on to unwitting buyers, finally, after several actions were taken by the concerned government the situation seems to be more under control, today’s rules and regulations in place, are more effective to ensure sustainable harvest of the tropical forest. 

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FSC ipe decking-(Forest Stewardship Council®)

Ipe Wood Canada and FSC Ipe decking – Founded in 1993, the FSC is a non-profit, worldwide organization comprised of environmentalists, policy makers, lumber companies and consumer advocates that came together to create a new standard for eco-friendly lumber products. From paper pamphlets to ipe decking, the FSC certified label is now on many products that originated from one of the world’s forests. Ipe Wood Canada supplies FSC Ipe decking on special orders only.

Ipe wood Canada AND IBAMA

All our suppliers and partners of Ipe Decking must follow the rules and regulations set by IBAMA. The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources – IBAMA, within its institutional mission of encouraging the correct techniques of intervention in nature, such as the management of forests in the Brazil, makes available, with this database, an important data basis. It is designed to be used by the forest industry and society in general, to help divulge Brazilian woods in both domestic and international markets. This database will encourage the commercialization of those species not well known in the market and allow forest management to be carried out with a greater number of species. This fact will increase the economic viability and, hopefully, greater utilization of sustainable forest management. 

Want to become an Ipe decking supplier/retailer

Already in business; Lumber supply yard or flooring supplier, deck supply store or similar, want to increase sales and offer Ipe decking to clients in your area? Ipe wood Canada can help you achieve that, to become an Ipe decking supplier and retailer in your region. We can train, assist and supply, and generate some leads for you!

For more info or to verify if your area is still available, contact:

Dominic Ted, president and CEO   dominic@nationaldecking.com

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