Ipe wood Canada offers woodlike porcelain tiles for OUTDOOR FLOORS


Our porcelain tile is 23-5/8”x 23-5/8”x 13/16” thick – (600 x 600 mm x 20mm) dedicated to outdoor environments.
A product with high technical and aesthetic features, versatile and functional that is well suited to any outside environment.

WHY CHOOSE a porcelain tile?

The many advantages of the 2-centimeter product include the fact that it is removable and reusable, easy to clean and quick and simple to install. Find them out for yourself now.


A versatile and functional product with excellent technical characteristics and a beautiful appearance that fits perfectly into any outdoor environment, including both commercial and residential spaces.

2’x2’ tile- Aged Maple

2’x2’ tile - Nut Woodlike

2’x2’ tile - Aged Oak

2’x2’ tile - Aged Kauri

Perfect application for: Rooftops decks, backyards, pathway, spa wrapping, around a pool and more

Advantages of Porcelain Tiles For Raised Floor – Rooftops With Adjustable Pedestals

Dry-installation Onto Soft Ground

Soft background stands for all those areas never paved as gardens, courtyards, sandy areas, etc…

Lay On Grass, Zen Garden

Lay on grass is quick and easy. It is realized by laying the slabs on the turf or by running a light soil excavation in order to collect the slabs in a first layer of soil, making them more stable.

  • Easy to install and remove
  • Quick water drainage keeping the ground unchanged       
  • Ideal where it is not possible to lay permanent flooring
  • Intended use: garden paths, barbecue areas, gazebos, walkways, beach resorts, exhibitions and events         

Rooftops and raised floors application 

Porcelain tiles with Bison Adjustable pedestals are a perfect application for rooftops or raised floors.

The WoodLike porcelain tiles are a perfect application for rooftops or raised floors.

Their use with the adjustable pedestals makes it easy to re-level the roof slopes. 

Quick and easy installation and the tiles are removable when needed.


Advantages of porcelain tiles –Technical specs